Provide oversight and program management for the Army's Records Management Program.

  • 44 USC, 36 CFR, and DoD Directive 5015.2
  • Army Information Technology (AR 25-1)
  • The Army Records Information Management System (AR 25-400-2)
  • Preparing and Managing Correspondence (AR 25-50)
  • Publishing in the Federal Register (AR 25-58)
  • Office Symbols (AR 25-59)
  • Information Management Control Requirements Program (AR 25-98)
  • Guide to Recordkeeping in the Army (DA PAM 25-403)

Establish programs for records collection and preservation from garrison, training, contingency, and war time operations.

Operate and sustain the Army Electronic Archive and provides the means to identify, collect, index and retrieve important Army records, in hard copy and electronic media.