How do I search for Documents?

  • Search: Search for keywords or topics. You can also use quotation marks and the AND, OR, NOT operators for more accuracy, e.g. Army AND “Marine Corps”
  • Advanced Search: Use specific fields to search by title, subject, keyword, document date range, document number, originator, category, or subcategory.

What are the different Categories?

The Army FOIA Library is organized by the four required categories established by the e-FOIA.

  • The (a)(2)(A) Records contain final opinions and orders made in the adjudications of cases that may be cited, used, or relied upon as precedents in future adjudications.
  • The (a)(2)(B) Records contain statements of policy and interpretations that have been adopted by the agency and are not published in the Federal Registry.
  • The (a)(2)(C) Records contain administrative staff manuals and instructions, or portions thereof, that establish DoD policy or interpretation of policy that affect the public.
  • The (a)(2)(D) Records contain records released to the public, under the FOIA, that are or will likely become the subject of subsequent requests.

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