Existing System of Records Notices (SORNs)

The Privacy Act requires agencies to publish notices in the Federal Register describing new or changes to systems of records. An existing System of Records Notice (SORN) may be amended, altered, or deleted.

1. Amendments (also known as “Nonsignificant Alterations”)
An amendment occurs when there are minor administrative changes to existing systems of records.  Amendments do not need a narrative statement.

2. Alterations (also known as “Significant Alterations”)
An alteration occurs when there are significant changes to an existing system of records, such as in the manner in which records are organized, indexed or retrieved, or a change in the nature or scope of the records.

3. Deletions
A deletion occurs when an existing system of records is no longer accessed by individuals’ names or other identifiers, or whenever it is discontinued or combined with another system of records.