Amend an Existing System of Records Notice (SORN)

A. Prepare Draft Amended SORN Package

Make sure you work with your Privacy Official when amending a SORN. To amend a SORN complete the following steps:

Step 1

Prepare the Amended SORN. Use the existing published SORN as a reference to complete the highlighted sections of the Amended SORN template.

Step 2

Prepare Proposed Changes. Download the Proposed Changes template and complete the highlighted sections.

Step  3 

Gather Supplementary Information:

a. Guidance on preparing an SSN Use Justification
b. Records Retention schedule
c. Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) clearance
d. Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

If you need assistance, consult with your Privacy Official regarding Supplementary Information.

Step  4 

Prepare the Certification which validates the completion of the draft Amended SORN. Download and complete the Certification.

Step 5

Submit your draft Amended SORN package - Proposed Changes, Amended SORN, Supplementary Information (as applicable), and Certification to your Privacy Official for review.

Step 6  

After reviewing, the Privacy Official will submit your draft Amended SORN package to the Army Privacy Office at

What happens next?

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