JSRRC’s mission is to provide direct support to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). JSRRC researches official military unit records and data bases for information which may verify the causal incident described by a Veteran in a disability claim for compensation. The purpose for JSRRC’s research is to identify evidence of record for the VA to consider in reaching its decision on Veterans’ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other stipulated health related claims submitted for disability benefits. JSRRC’s research includes Veterans of all services.


  • JSRRC is not a records archive. JSRRC does not maintain military unit records, personnel files, or other historical documentation for distribution to requestors. JSRRC does not conduct research for persons or agencies other than the VA.
  • JSRRC coordinates Veterans’ claims research directly with the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Offices. When a Veteran or their representative submits a claim to a Regional Office, the Regional Office determines if research will be requested from JSRRC. Veterans and their representatives must work directly through their Regional Office.
  • JSRRC has conducted claims research for the Department of Veterans Affairs and other initiatives since 1980 and has completed an average of 10,900 claims per year since 2008 in support of Veterans.
  • JSRRC does not participate in the claims approval process of the Regional Offices or the claims appeal process of the Board of Veteran's Appeals. Approval and denial determination is the sole responsibility of the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • JSRRC’s support to the VA, to provide information from military unit records, is a high Congressional interest item with significant visibility.

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